“Start Your Own Movement”

My name is Jim Dillehay and I am the admin. for IdeasFoxNews.com I am also a songwriter who writes songs about Freedom.

This idea and suggestion is in response to the recent interview between Don Lemon and Terry Crews about BLM. If you are Terry Crews himself, please skip down to the “My Challenge to You, Terry Crews” Title . . .

First, for those of you who need a little background, the interview itself:

Here are the 2 tweets that got Terry in hot water with some people:

On his Twitter page, Terry added this comment from Charles Barkley . . .

Next, a little background on the great Denzel Washington . . .

Denzel Washington is an American actor, director, and producer. He has received three Golden Globe awards, one Tony Award, and two Academy Awards.

Here is his Acceptance Speech NAACP Image Awards in 2017.

The greatest motivational speech of all time was long considered to be the “I Have a Dream Speech” by Dr. Martin Luther King, given on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in August of 1963.

The “Put God First” speech by Denzel Washington has also been included along with Dr. King’s speech. This was given at Dillard University, New Orleans in 2015.

Terry Crews, Don Lemon challenged you to “Start Your Own Movement”. Take him up on his challenge. Ask Denzel Washington to lead the Movement with you if you like. Put together a board of directors of people you trust and can help in the cause. Any way I can help, I’m with you.

Again, this is just a suggestion. But it comes from a man who has an unquenchable desire to stop the violence that is increasing as we near the November Elections.

Call the movement what you think works best: ABLM, the PeacePrayer&Joy movement, God Matters, Jesus Matters, Put God First, whatever the leadership decides!

You and Denzel Washington are two leaders that are above reproach and, in my opinion, this country needs your character and leadership now, at this critical time!

Also, I believe in the power of music to motivate and move people. I have a song I wrote called “Freedom JuneTeenTh”. Maybe, it could be part of the soundtrack for the movement.

Thank you for your valuable time!

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